Speak - He listens - He Speaks Back

Father, I will never forget!

Heavenly Father!

I will never forget!
I will never forget everything you have whispered into my ears!
I will always remember…these words everlasting you have etched on the tables of my heart!
Boundless Love!
Grace Unconquerable!
Agape Unlimited!

You have whispered many times your testimony of Grace and Love into my ears my heart has awakened. My life bears testimony to your faithfulness…I have experienced the integrity and surety of your Word…and I am full to the brim and overflowing with thanksgiving! Thank you Father! Now I bask in the supply of Heaven. I have awakened to the Fatherhood of God!

You are my love, my world, my everything! You consume me from the inside out…the bottom up… through and through! You are greatly magnified before my eyes O Mighty God! You alone art worthy! Hallelujah!

I have been taught well by you. You have taught me well to operate successfully in these dimensions of faith and grace. You have taught me well to receive the supply from the covenant of Grace…you have taught me well to walk in joy and victory…in all surety…in all certainty! In all things!

I know you now, my Father!
I love you now, my God!
I stand embraced in your mighty arms of Love!

The Beauty of this world is mine. The good and desirable things of this world is mine. I know it! I have it! I walk in it! Thank you O mighty God! For all things that pertain to Zoë have been supplied by the riches of His grace! Rhema burns ablaze in my heart. I have seen the vision of the Lord…your Love has come to consume my heart…it has come to stay!

I thank you Father, In the name of Jesus!


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