Speak - He listens - He Speaks Back

Today I meditate on Your love…

King of Kings!

Lord of Lords!

I give you praise this morning. From the depths of my heart I lift up thanks and worship befitting your majesty. For you are glorious beyond description…Awesome in power…majestic in splendor! Glory to your name forever!

I thank you for Zoë at work in me! O Hallelujah!
This force of the divine life propelling me to think, talk and function divinity!
Father, I thank you for this reality!
I walk in Agape! I live victory!
I am an expression of your Grace and Favor…I function righteousness…I wield and display the authority in your name….thank you mighty God! You alone art worthy!

Today I meditate on your Love!
Your Agape towards me; Patient, Kind, Long suffering! Always bearing me up….ever hopeful, never cynical or derogatory…always winning me!
Thank you Father for making me the object of your agape.
I receive your Love….I respond back to you in agape.

“I will Love you O Lord my God”. O yes I will! Independent of where I am or what I do…or how I feel…or what I think you feel….dear Father! I will Love you!
I write this seal and place it upon my heart…I leave it continually before my eyes….I strap it around my hands: “I will Love you O Lord my God”!

Thank for such opportunity Divine!
In the name of Jesus!



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