The responsibility of Man – 2

To the church, there is our place of responsibility as the new man in Christ Jesus. This is the truth unveiled when Scripture tells us “we have been adopted to that place of sonship in Christ Jesus”. Selah

As sons of the King and as members of the new race of man, we are well and strategically placed to execute that decree of God that man in Adam has so woefully been inadequate at making manifest.

All of the resources of Heaven sits at our disposal. We have been made Kings unto our God and father…Let us reign through His manifold grace in His name right now, right here….today on earth…and then with Him, when He returns, forever more! Selah
It is our responsibility to subdue all things in His name to His Glory!

We are no longer victims to the vicissitudes of life. We are no longer puppets moved by strings attached to the whims and caprices of the adversary. Now we are in the high ground of advantage. Now, Infinite Wisdom has placed the new creation on the mountain of all supply! This is where all men ought to be! In Christ! Selah

Now this truth is important because it will tell how we engage the so called realities and practicalities of life. It will tell what kind of questions we blatantly fire off at Infinite Wisdom. It will tell our posturing – right or wrong – with respect to the reality of the sovereignty of God and the will of man…

Dear Reader, may your eyes be open to see true in the glorious light of truth today!



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