The responsibility of Man – 1

I believe every man is responsible for himself; responsible for the outcome of his sojourning in this present world. God the Creator and father of all spirits has decreed this physical world man’s territory – to rule and exercise dominion over the created order. This decree still stands – it has not been annulled neither will it ever be.

As provision to ensure that man executes his office, deity has furnished to man free will and personal responsibility. The boundless depths of the heart of love can only be moved today by man’s seeming inadequacy and powerlessness in the face of the created order and the powers that be in the earth realm.

God in all His sovereignty is bound by His infallible word – and this word decrees that the management of the earth and all that pertains to it is the swell responsibility of man. Period. Man must be responsible for that which has been committed to him.

Today, there is no need for man to cry out foul at God. No need for man to be in bondage to the created order. No need for man – any man – to walk in fear, need, uncertainty, doubt, delusions, deceptions….no need for man to continue to be subject and subdued by the hordes of darkness.

Today there is ample supply to such need, because all of man born in Adam has been given opportunity to be in Christ and function from that high ground of advantage. This is the only way today that a man can be all that God ordained him to be from the beginning.

Dear Reader, are you properly positioned in Christ today? He is the only enclave wherein the chains of victimhood are completely broken. Only in Christ! It is only in Him that a person can truly live as God intended from the beginning.



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