Speak - He listens - He Speaks Back

Let us awaken and unleash Truth

Dear Father

There is so much truth yet to be unleashed into this dark world; with the same power that backed your Word at the re-creation. We know the Light of Truth hitting a man’s consciousness with the power of the Holy Spirit will build in him divine beauty. How we long to see such tsunamis of Truth deluge Christendom…yea the world! Bringing multitudes to their knees in obedience to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. O that the fullness of the gentile harvest may be reached…that Our Daystar should rent the veil and bring in the times of refreshing. Our hearts lean in, weighted by this anchor of hope. Selah.

The wheels of corruption have long enough been oiled by the deceptions of Lucifer and the ignorance of the Elect. Enough is enough! This corruption must cease or be seized and utterly destroyed. The church cannot continue to suffer in the mud pit of pseudo reality! May our eyes be opened to reckon reality and respond appropriately…to understand the depths of your Oracles and our position in reference to it. May our hearts be entirely consumed by your Love and be moved to seek nothing but your counsel alone.

May your church awaken out of this drudging slumber and rise up to the sovereign heights of your purposes…may your flames consume our hearts with zeal…rising higher and higher; never to be quenched. Zeal for your purposes for our generation…zeal for righteousness that hates iniquity…your zeal ablaze in us eternally! O that we may do your will and see the light of truth fill this generation!

Thank you Father!

In Jesus Name!  


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