All of our training today….

All of our training today in the school of the spirit is to get us to function exactly like the firstborn. The call is to express the life and nature of God to the fullest – from the inside out. To this end, it is always important that we constantly give ourselves to the fellowship with the Holy Spirit in the Word of His Grace! Selah

Many of us understand the need to be groomed in the ways of this fallen cosmos….we give ourselves to the order that will guarantee our being endowed with ability to deal – using earthly wisdom – with the situations we face.

But there is a higher calling!
There is a higher school.
There is a better school that can equip us with ability to use heavens resources to deal wisely with the situations of this life.
There is a greater teacher – the person of the Helper!

Ultimate reality declares the Lordship of Jesus Christ. The church – as many as are members of the body of Christ must respond fully to this revelation of the Lordship of Jesus Christ!
All things belong to Him.
All that the Father is, has and possesses is His by right of sonship and position of Lordship….and the church is joint heir together with Him!

Therefore, there is no resource we truly lack….no wisdom or ability we are deficient in….no need we are infirmed with by reason of a lack of supply…Indeed, all things are ours!

How many of the children of light shall rise up and embrace to the fullest, their inheritance – bequeathed them – In Christ.



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