Speak - He listens - He Speaks Back

Thank you for the reality of Your Presence

Dear Father

Today is another beautiful gift. I thank you for the opportunity to be alive and well. Awakened fully to the reality of your being…drawn and consumed by the majesty of your purposes for me…in this time and place.  Thank you Father for Grace strong enough….for your ability at work in me and through me. I am a success by the power of your Word at work in me….in the name of Jesus!

Today I walk in the reality of your presence. You are with me. I am in you. I walk with my consciousness flooded with this Truth. Therefore I am filled with joy and calm certainty…I know that all things are working together for my good. My faith is evidence of this reality. 

My lips testify of it every day…. “the lines are falling unto me in pleasant places!” I have set you, O my God, as my desire.  It is you I desire…Thank you for the unending supply of Grace and Mercy and Light.

I thank you for favor and strength and wisdom. ..I thank you for hope constantly burning in my heart; an unquenchable fire for you…yearning for you. I thank you my God for this reality I am founded in.

I lift this day into your hands O Father.  And I call it blessed. Whatsoever I do…blessed! Whatsoever I touch…blessed! In the Mighty name of Jesus!

Thank you my Liege. You are such a wonder!




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