Be Strong in the power of His Might- Part 1

Proverbs 24: 10  If you ·give up [show yourself weak] ·when trouble comes [L on the day of distress/trouble], it shows that ·you are weak [L your strength is small]. – The Expanded Bible

The certainty here is the coming of the “day of adversity”. Such is the theme with which life is replete. The uncertainty here is of success when the day of adversity comes. For adversity will come and want to take by force what is yours…it will come with the intent to bring you cowering to your knees and make you squeal if it can. Adversity will demand that you subdue or be subdued. Simple Truth. Most powerful import.

The light we see in this Scripture makes plain, the ‘how to’ subdue adversity. For we see here that we shall surely despair IF our strength is small. And we see by corollary that we shall surely win IF our strength is NOT small! 

Herein lies the instruction for the child of God.

Thus declares the Word: Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His Might! Ephesians 6:10. Be Strong! We must pay heed to this instruction today! Selah!

This means to apply ourselves to the instruction, training and equipping, ministered by the Helper, to endow us with all that constitutes the very life and nature of Deity. Till we come to be truly vested with Divinity…in tangible expressions… in all the reach of its ability.

This is the mandate here.

Be Strong!



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