I do believe!

I believe in the Lordship of Jesus.
I believe in the authority of His Name.
I believe in the influence of His person and kingdom.
I believe in the Fatherhood of God.

I believe that all the resources of His throne is mine to receive in Christ
I believe in His Grace
I believe His Grace is stronger
Stronger than sin….stronger than sin consciousness….stronger than guilt

I believe in the Holy Spirit
I believe in His Helping Ministry in me
I believe in His Mighty power at work in me
the same power that raised the man Jesus from the dead

I believe in His anointing
His anointing in me; to heal the sick
and raise the dead and cleanse the lepers and cast out devils
and preach the Gospel of Grace!

I believe I am the Beloved of the Father…most tenderly loved…most lovingly held.
I believe that Greater is He in me that he that is in the world
I believe that whoever…whatsoever is born of God overcomes the world….
I am the overcomer….my ideas always overcome….I am born of God!

I do believe!

Glory to God!


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