Let us not forget!

Let us not forget the core objective to which we must bend our entire will and resources to constantly. Failing this, we court the possibility of losing ourselves in the ever tossing sea of vanity this present world has us walking upon. Let us not forget:

To Christ we have come!
He is our Lord and King.
He is the second man seated on the throne of God. He is God.
His Word carries the highest authority. His Name is all-powerful. He is the most worthy of all! Our Lord and King; the One whom alone is worthy.
Let us never forget.

In His Kingdom of Light we now truly live and move and have our being!
His Influence we make known to all the world…to impact all men with the light of the knowledge of Jesus Christ! We wield the resources in His Grace to make all peoples see. That all men may see the risen Christ seated on the throne of God, alive in our hearts! Let us never forget!

In the unconquerable force of His Love we are inseparably bound. In the inexhaustible riches of His Grace we are drenching soaked. Herein we stand. Herein we have fellowship with the Holy Spirit in the glorious light of His Word. Herein we are built unto perfection in Christ…that we should come to take our place as joint heirs by His side…that we should be all that our Heavenly Father desires…

To this we yield ourselves to the Helper, in the school of the Spirit…

Let us never forget!



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