a time and a place like this

Child of God,

I believe Providence has placed us in a “time and place like this” to make Christ known. There is a reality unveiled in Ephesians 3 verse 9 that rings true to our call today…which truth is “to make all men see”.

We must make men see the higher life of Divinity at work in us.
We must make men see Jesus! Alive and at work in us!
We must make men see the Reality of the Divine Kingdom under the Lordship of Jesus Christ!
In every frontier of human engagement, this present world unknowingly yearns for the light…all people are seeking the light…all must see!

Let us proclaim this world the vineyard and heritage of the Lord Jesus Christ. Let us loosen the grip of darkness over the many souls groping in the dark today. Let us show men the brilliance of the light…hid in Christ…unveiled in union with Christ…Glory!

In the chaos of this present darkness today, let us pull down, in the mighty name of Jesus, every imagination and thinking pattern that exalts itself above the beauty of heavenly truth as it is found in Christ.

Let us declare with lips of faith and hearts full of zeal that the peoples of tis world are open to the Grace of God communicated in the Gospel….which Gospel we are anointed to preach, in the full gamut of the power of the Holy Spirit!

Let us lift up prayer continually in His presence; stirring up in ourselves the unquenchable fire of zeal for His purposes…the indomitable will yielded under Him to see all the agenda of the divine oracles fulfilled for our generation.

We shall preach the gospel to all the world!
We shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover.
We shall raise the dead! Selah!
For this is our mandate as “the light of the world”! Freely, we have received of His fullness…freely we give to the world, in the mighty matchless name of Jesus!

Come now, command with me the bringing in of the harvest. Let the laborers of the kingdom of light declare this forth. Let their hearts continually blaze with zeal to do His will…to make all men see…the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!


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