1 Peter

….for He cares for you

Casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you. [1 Peter 5:7]

Let us awaken fully to the Fatherhood of God! He is our Father; the source of all our supply. Let us learn to trust Him and cast our cares upon Him. Let us learn not to be driven by fear, doubt or uncertainty. Let us learn to rest in the supply of our Heavenly Father. He cares for us!

The world, as we have come to know and experience, seems full of troubles.
On every side, we may be buffeted by the hail storms from the skies of this fallen plane of life…But we learn to cast our cares upon Him.

Our bodies may be forced into decay by the laws presently holding sway in this cosmos. Our minds may be assailed by the tidal waves and tsunamis of godlessness unleashed by the reigning darkness of our times….But we learn to cast our cares upon Him.

For those of us who have entered into Christ, the assaults may continue…with unabated fervor…. yet in the midst of all these, we have found our rest in Him…we learn to cast our cares upon Him! Selah

We may be pressed, troubled on every side, battling uncertainty and despair…but through it all, we learn to walk entirely dependent on His Word…we learn to cast all our cares upon Him!

To the children of God who have awakened to the Fatherhood of God in Christ, we understand Abba! He is source of all our supply! His throne never runs out…and we are connected to it…inundated by the steady streams that issue from it…we drown our cares and anxieties and worries in the river of His supply. In His presence we lay down and rest! We say to our souls…He is our Rest! We cast all our cares upon Him!

To the man outside Christ, groping in the dark for the meaning of it all…at his wits end at the chaos of it all…I say, Come, cast your cares upon Him. Come, be found in Christ and embrace the Fatherhood of God!



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