restoration – supply – sufficiency

And in that day shall the deaf hear the words of the book, and the eyes of the blind shall see out of obscurity, and out of darkness [Isaiah 29: 18]

This is the Day!
Our everlasting day!
The light shines; it reigns in all preeminence!
Let all people come into this Light. For in Him is the fountain of life- in His Light, we see Light! Psalms 36:9. Hallelujah!

Let us see our identity, calling and inheritance in Him. Let us hear His Voice and cease to be numbered among the deaf. Let us truly be alive in the light of His day.

For it is opportunity to be resourced by wells that never run dry. Wells that never cease to gush out all supply. It is invitation to be watered everyday by the riches of His Grace. It is a call to come and know all sufficiency!

This is why we cannot speak lack and deficiency in supply today. For we have entered His day…the day of Grace which brings with it the supply from the wells of salvation in Christ to all men!

Therefore we announce to all people…there is no more need to remain disadvantaged. No more need to remain weak and powerless. No more need to remain a victim to the whims and caprice of this life. No more need to remain unloved.

Deity has called with arms open wide. His name is the Lord Jesus Christ!
Come now!
All peoples of the world!
Take His hand and truly live in the light of His Day!



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