The Arena of Grace

The atmosphere was charged with the tangible presence of the Heavenly intrusion. The rhythms of Grace could be heard all around…many danced to its invigorating tune…many glowed with joy in the light of His Word unveiled with power!

Its radiance banished the darkness in many hearts and lifted multitudes into the sublime realm of the divine life. There was all over the arena, the palpable manifest presence of the Holy Spirit. He moved mightily in the midst of the people…causing sparks of heaven to fly all about; many awakened to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, many received the Holy Spirit…many were healed.

Many were swept into the thoroughfare of the kingdom…multitudes found themselves drowning in the ecstasy unleashed by the rhapsody of heavenly realities! The fragrance was Grace unconquerable…Agape UNlimited!

Mighty in force of expression. Steadily flowing in resolve to unshackle men from sin and disease and mortality and plunge them into the soundless depths of the glory of Zoë.

The Word of Life was made unquestionably manifest.
O the fire of its manifest presence!
O the power in His Voice!
This Jesus resoundingly glorified in our midst! Mighty! Mighty! Mighty God!!!

I heard the applause from another dimension as my eyes chanced on the cloud of witnesses on the other horizon. The portrait was resplendent in glory!

In visions of the Spirit spanning vast timelines, I have seen a man rise up from the deathbed and glorify Jesus!
I have heard another testify of the vitalizing power of the Holy Spirit stirred up in his bones.
I have touched a man full of the anointing, and bursting in his mouth with prophecy, speak divine words – as the unseen tongues of fire resting over his head gave him utterance.
I have witnessed seas of broken humanity come alive in the vigor of divinity and lift praise unto God!

My eyes have witnessed these things in visions of the spirit. Glory!
O may the children of the Kingdom make manifest these visions in the times to come.
O may the arena of Grace truly be unleashed to our world today!

I shout, Glory!
Glory to God!!!


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