1 Peter

we remain VICTORS in Him!

Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened unto you: [1 Peter 4:12]

We say to ourselves – what is the essence of faith that moves mountains when there are no mountains to be moved?

What is the purpose of authority and power, to have dominion…in the absence of adversity?

We know the truth.
We have discovered the light in Christ!
We are built to tame the storms of trials and keep temptations subdued beneath our feet.

We are born and trained of the Holy Spirit to light up the darkness with His fire and roar for all the world to hear that we are more than conquerors!

Therefore, we do not stand confused at the onslaught of trials.
We do not wonder and say, why me!? Glory to God!

We have transitioned from that realm of victim-hood and are now anchored in the glorious light of the victors in Christ.

We reckon it is not strange for trials to challenge the Victor in Christ.
It is but opportunity for us – the Victor in Christ – to make known the might and glory of God hidden in him…for in all these things, we remain unmoved…we remain in Him – more than conquerors!

Glory to God!


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