1 Peter

Beloved, think it not strange….

Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened unto you: [1 Peter 4:12]

Beloved, this present world will test us with myriad trials and temptations. We are the scion and offspring of the First Born…as He was tested, so shall we be – rigorously too!

I have noticed that trials fill the gilded tray offered by darkness to the faithful light bearers of the kingdom of Jesus Christ. It is the objective of Lucifer and his hordes to detract the heavenly sojourners of this dispensation from their core duties and sublime privileges and responsibilities.

To make this objective, he brings often the tempest of trials and temptations. He seeks to subdue, by conquest, the will and zeal of the faithful…he seeks to drown our vision in the sea of mundane waters…he seeks to hold us back from discovering, embracing and living up to the fullness of the riches of the glory of our call in Christ.

But we are not ignorant of His devices.
We are not ignorant of the Word and Power of God in Christ.
We do not reckon it strange at the myriad of trials that beset us today…testing us…seeking to reveal what materials our convictions in Christ are made up of.

We look at the tempest gathering and laugh as one with Him seated in the highest heaven.

Glory to God!


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