1 Peter

would you take your place? – I

As every man hath received the gift, even so minister the same one to another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God. [I Peter 4: 10]

Stewards of the Manifold Grace of God!

Here I see highlighted again the loftiness of our place in Christ. If only we would dare see as He has unveiled in the Word and learn to take our place! That’s the call of the Spirit to the many sons and daughters of the Kingdom today…. “take your place!”

He says Stewards! This means He has entrusted to us His manifold Grace. This means He has given to us all He has and possesses that we may be the conduit through which His resources touch the world.

This is awesome! We are not still here to scrape and latch on to our hold on heaven….we are not still here to barely escape hell….we are not still here in this fallen plane of life to remain victims and walk detached from the power to impact and influence our world…No! Big No!

The child of God is called into the stewardship of God’s Grace. The child of God must see this call and grow up into it and take his place. It is a call to take all of that which God has and possesses and give to men to “make them see”.

It is a call to lift men in Adam out of the darkness and slavery of sin and Lucifer into the glorious light and liberty of the Kingdom of God.
It is a call to light the torch of Zoë in the hearts of many.
It is a call to be lifted highest into the divine themes of thoughts, words and actions and to influence multitudes to be lifted also.
It is a call to shine as the Kings Light…for that indeed is what we are! Lights of the World!

Shining ever brightest as the darkness seems to gather strength – We shine!
We dispel the power of darkness.
We paralyze its hold and influence on many by the power of His Glorious Light!

Glory to God!


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