1 Peter

love UN-limited!

And above all things have fervent charity among yourselves: for charity shall cover the multitude of sins. [1 Peter 4:8]

O the power of Agape!
See how infinite in ability!
Bearing all things….believing all things….enduring all things!
Agape UN-limited in Him!

We always find words ineffable in ability to communicate the fullness of the power of Agape we have come to in Christ.
It is love sourced from the Father…forged in His son…piped to us by the Holy Spirit…we love because He first loved us!

It is agape at work in us and in the midst of us.
Agape that binds us together…that has forged us into oneness in Christ!
Agape that propels us to live for the King…that makes us fit to be His ambassadors in a time as this. Selah

It is Agape that causes us to forgive one another.
For we love as He loves us…without limits…unrestrained….relentlessly!
We walk in love…Love that covers a multitude of sins!

O that fervent love may rule mightiest in our midst.
O that we may have this banner above us always!
Let the Church of the First Born sing Agape in her midst always!



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