1 Peter

Nothing is more vital and pressing!

But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer.
[1 Peter 4:7]

3. Watch unto prayer

Our call to fellowship with the Father and the Son in the Holy Spirit is a call to prayer. Here we relate a communication between Deity and the new creation devoid of all the mystery of dead religion and all the cynicism of “faithlessness”.

Prayer is a simple reality – we speak, he inclines His ear to our lips and hears our every word…speaking back to us in the full assurance of His faithful and true promises revealed in His Word! Selah

Prayer is the new creation speaking to God and God speaking back. Glory!
It is the divine contact with Deity that brings His Wisdom, strength and perspective to bear on every aspect of the new creation’s walk on this plane of life. It is the most sublime ministry.

As we reckon the ends of the time, we must give ourselves fully to watch in the same in prayer. We must learn to engage the Father’s thoughts and instructions for us as we seek to navigate and execute His purposes today. Nothing is more important. Nothing should be more vital and pressing!

O child of God, watch unto prayer!

I lift you up in the name of Jesus Christ!
I remind you of the Words of His Grace and admonish you to walk faithful and true in its light. Let these times find you ablaze for the cause of the King.
Let this generation reckon you a burning light unhidden…set on a hill for all to see.
May you learn to walk always in prayer and fellowship with the Holy Spirit.
May you make the highest heavenly impact on these streams of time today…to the glory of God!

To the praise of the Lord Jesus Christ!



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