1 Peter

do you stand as Heaven’s answer?

But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer.
[1 Peter 4:7]

1. Be focused on the mandate to see the fullness of the gentile in-gathering.

This is a call to evangelize and disciple the world.
The world grows darker with the constant progression of time. With the ebb of godliness seemingly persisting, there has never been a more pressing and earnest need for the gospel of the Grace, kingdom and Lordship of Jesus to be communicated.
With the prince of darkness constantly weaving anti-Christ principles and philosophies into every facet of pristine human thought, it is no wonder that our world today has been fully corrupted…it stands in dire need for the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ to shine!

To this need, the members of the body of Christ stand as Heaven’s answer. We are the city set on a hill that cannot be hid…we are the light of the world…the salt of the earth! It is within our remit to make men truly see the Lord Jesus Christ and bring in the plenitude of the harvest into the Kingdom.

We must learn to carry this yoke most solemnly. It is the burden and yoke of Christ we have come to share in. We must learn to be diligent in our service to this mandate…we must cease to be distracted by the gains this world offers…we must stop being ashamed of the light of Christ consuming us from the inside out…we must stop holding ourselves back from being consumed by the brightness of our call and the glorious power of the Holy Spirit that attends it. Selah

The times demand that we walk soberly with respect to this mandate to “make all men see”. Let the children of Light rise up and shine. Let them, named for the Gospel, continue to influence many for the cause of the Kingdom and Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Let us gird ourselves with zeal to stay the tide of lost souls – perishing daily under the onslaught of the power of sin and darkness; and bring in these multitudes into the Kingdom of Light by the power of the Holy Spirit!

Let the child of God say Amen!

God is our Helper!


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