1 Peter

….watch unto prayer

But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer.
[1 Peter 4:7]

Ours is the generation clothed upon with the mantle and cloak bespoke for the end times.

Ours is the generation most closely placed in time to see the King’s advent and herald the heavenly kingdom intrusion.

Ours is the generation that has been entrusted to keep the vigil and the lamps well-oiled and burning…for the words of our generation are Ecce Venit – Behold He Comes!

Behold, the end of all things is at hand! Selah

It is an excellent expression of this disposition to walk soberly and solemnly in this sojourn today. The Christian who has awakened to the reality of the King’s imminent return must also embrace the solemn and sublime responsibility to hasten the parousia. He must be sober…and watch unto prayer.

The admonition to be sober must embrace the following thoughts:

1. Be focused on the mandate to see the fullness of the gentile in-gathering.
2. Be careful and earnest to make certain the fullness of your salvation.
3. Watch unto prayer



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