Annals of the Kingdom – II

It is from the murky depths of the quagmire of humanity’s coma that we discern the need. The need for light to shine…… a need whose supply has been poured out in the endless streams that issue out from the revelation of Christ unto the world of Adam.

Permit me to bring to you from the depths of the Oracles of the King, Truth; truth concerning the kingdom of man and its season in bondage under the watch of time. Selah.

The mist that held sway over the senses of man for centuries has finally cleared. Today, humanity stands inundated in the grace that steadily flows unchecked from the throne of His Majesty. It is Grace – that divine influence that prevails upon the hearts of men and brings to light the riches of His sovereign Word and of His Boundless Love. Grace has lighted this world and has flooded in a deluge the parched land with light!

In this light, a man is privileged to see all the deep counsel of YHWH. All things are unveiled. All things are illuminated. No more shadows to slander truth and make it incomplete. Nay, no more! For as He is the Father of all lights and there is no shadow of turning in Him, even so has he decreed to be in the milieu which is bathed by His very presence – there is no variableness…no uncertainty, no shadow of turning!

This is the light that shines in the face of Jesus Christ. It is the light that brings us to the answer….. the answer to the question that has beggared our consciousness from when time was taught to tick…..from when the senses of dust enslaved us in the illusion of pseudo-reality. From that dawn which was the fall – this question has taunted our entire being. Many time in expressionless restlessness, it has raged tempests in our once calm of a sea inner man. 

Ineffable – as words do little justice to conceptualize its crux – it has left indelible scars on much of humanity; telltale signals of the liberating power of its revelation and, on the other hand, the devastating drunken like stupor it enslaves humanity in…..what we call ignorance. In this quagmire, seeming bliss is in reality disguised destruction. The senses of man have been beguiled to inebriated sleep and taken captive by the defective persuasion of faulty logic. It is amazing! Truth has been plainly revealed in the light and yet many sleep on……..the irony is muttered with eternal mirth; a horde of dead men in the sea of life!

Here the Voice of Truth today, I adjure all men.

Listen to the Words wrung from the deep counsels of YHWH.

Let Truth bring to you freedom; even the glorious liberty of the sons of God!   



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