Annals of the Kingdom – I

For many the question of the origin of life is carved in the stone wall of dissent and marbled with the rarer stones of fairytale, myth and highfalutin theories.

In as much as we seek to find out the fathomless answer to the simplest of all questions: “Who is man?”; we must, if we should unveil the answer, pay particular heed to the dimensions that mark the enclave of our enquiry.

I believe in knowledge that transcends the finite dimensions of the human mind and makes its repose at the core of the human persona- his spirit. Such kind of knowledge….such arena must be the framework of reference to which we make the inquiry of some pristine questions concerning humanity.

Who is man?
Where did he come from?
What is His mandate?

Is it even remotely possible to explain the chaos in the world today? Can we tangibly discern the “sickness” in the souls of many that consume our humanity in selfishness, greed, lust, envy, hatred……and the plethora of vices that we see plaguing the very fabric of civilization and seeking to drown them in the quicksand of moral decadence and depravity. How do we find the answers?

Where do we look?

Is humanity trapped in some vicious cycle of ignorance, destruction and rebellion?

Once, eons ago
The lofty pedestal of Adam
Was brought startling low
Humanity fell into the stupor of ignorance…

And drunken today in its intoxicating power
Our spiritual senses are dulled and in its stead
The hired senses of dust is exalted

Where is hope?
It dawned on this dark horizon
A little over two millennia ago!

And yet I say to my chagrin that
Today man is still groping in the dark
In the midst of the ceaseless beams of light!



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