dreamers of the heavenly kingdom…

Some of us are dreamers…have always been. We revel at the unknown….we gild it with the gold dust of limitless possibilities. We feel the wind of fortune and favor blow in our face…we open up our arms wide to receive and embrace the liberty that comes with it. We smile always in the light…we walk always with a spring in our step…we are born to do great things we whisper to ourselves always!

Some of us are rich in the Word of His Grace. We have learnt to hold dearest the fragrances of fellowship with the Holy Spirit. We consider our kinship in Christ most real and are moved always to walk consistent with the revelation of Light. We are bold to say – the Lord is our righteousness…the Lord is our banner…the Lord is my anchor….my very life and nature!

We are pursuaded of the path we have chosen. We must be convinced…for ourselves first and then we attract others too. We believe in the supply of His Grace…that it is more than sufficient…more than able! We have learnt to whisper strength to ourselves always. We have learnt to walk the higher narrow path of selfless discipline. God is our Helper!

We shall not wane until we meet the tangible expressions of our dreams. We shall not waver until we see and touch and embrace the full weight of the visions in our hearts. Truly, God is our helper. Truly we can’t fail!

We are the dreamers of the heavenly kingdom. We are the vanguards of His Light. We are the executors of His will. We are His Voice to this generation of men.
We are them who wear the Joseph cloak of many colors.



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