how to truly adorn your life

Many embellish their lives with trinkets and worthless cans. Unto such, value is constantly veiled from their eyes. In the dimensions of ignorance they grope and search for treasures; of which they only find worthless stones and useless glass. It is a fleeting shadow indeed this plight of many.

With what then should a man embellish his life? From what depths should a man unearth treasure – priceless in value? Wisdom speaks on this wise: His kingdom! To know what His Kingdom truly means and pursue it relentlessly; that is Wisdom! That is true embellishment eternally unfading!

The annals of the Kingdom are being written. Every page, every letter, every punctuation of necessity must reflect Christ. This is the sum total of true essence and reality: His Kingdom reigns!

For the call in Christ remains to walk in fellowship with the fullness of Deity. It is the call to walk in the light and power of the new man…the new identity in Christ. The discipline for the child of God is to learn to get lost in the full glare of the light of Christ! To become one in every sphere of reality with the First Born!

Glory to God! This is how all vanity shall be drowned and righteousness truly exalted. This is how to truly adorn our lives with the most precious stones and the most beautiful and priceless gems.

Dear Reader, discard the trinkets and enter into His light!
Pursue the Lordship and Kingdom of Jesus…and see your life adorned with the truest treasures of all!



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