awakening to the King of Glory…

The zeal of a heart burdened with desire. The burden of lips quivering in dire expectation……ablaze with expectation……, to fruit words of the Holy Spirit.
The glory unveiled before eyes that dare to behold and see; what wonders unveiled in the light of His Word……beyond the ability of words to express or of pens to inscribe. Selah.

Wonders that hold men in the sway of their eccentricity. Spellbound in glorious feasting on the panoramic view of mysteries suddenly brought to light before dim eyes. None dare to blink. All breaths are paused. Everything comes to a stillness. All things are consumed by one truth: the King of Glory has been chanced upon!

Where are the eye witnesses of His Majesty!

Them whose eyes have seen the glory of His Kingdom and Lordship! Eyes that have fully awoken to His reality; that have seen into the deep things of God…eyes, ears, tongues trained to discern the move of the Holy Spirit upon this dispensation…intimately acquainted with the kairos and counsels of the Father. Eyes that see! Eyes constantly watching the move of His power in a time and place as this…Glory to God!

To this end we must seek Him. Our inspiration and desire; the force with which our visions are shaped and by which our utterances are pronounced. Selah

Let us seek Him. Let us find Him always and be truly satisfied in His rest…

His name is Jesus Christ.



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