What is the response?

What is the response of a man to any situation? What is the response of a man to an adverse situation? The tempests will surely come, but what should be your response?

I have become confident of this one thing; in all situations, it is the response of faith that counts. It is the certainty of truth that should reign supreme; which truth is that on our side is the ever living God. On our side is the power of God and the backing of an entire heavenly host.

Therefore armies of darkness cannot move us to fear. Tyrant authorities cannot cause us to shiver. Nothing can!

This is the reality of the Kingdom. The kingdom of Heaven – of which our citizenship is! I function as one who has conquered all things. I stand in defiance of all – I am the victor in Christ!

I have conquered sin and Lucifer in Christ. It has no power over me! No power to instill fear in me. No ability to cause me to respond in uncertainty to its influence. For I am child of God! I am full of the power and life of God! I am full of the Holy Spirit! I am inundated by all the counsel of YHWH. I see clarity…crystal clear!

My faith prevails against all odds! In Jesus Name – when I speak, I speak from depths of power in Christ! I speak words laden with ability to effect changes. Words soaked in His Grace – full of fire – to achieve the purpose for which they were sent…

Dear Father, I thank you!

In the name of Jesus!


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