who I am in God today…

A glorious task stands before me yet unborn
In visions of the night when deep sleep falls upon men
A thing was secretly revealed unto me
In the deep of the night – in the clarity of His sight I perceived

Beyond every shadow of doubt His Word is reality
I cling to its bosom always and forever
I am ordained to make His Word tangible
In this quagmire of life infiltrated by His Grace

That which my eyes have seen
I will bring to manifestation by the agency of the Word
That glory veiled to many – trapped in the realms of the spirit
I will cause to gush into this dimension

This is who I am today
This is what I have become in Him
King and Priest to the Most High God!
To this truth I have fully awakened

His visions visit always
His Voice guides steady
His Light always shines
Always pure; truly lifting!

In His time I see His purposes fully unveiled
In His time I enter into the reality of His visions made real
In His time the secret whispers are made deafening mantras
Lo I stand always in the full strength of His Day



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