Visions of the Spirit


I am told of the “enlightenment” era in history. When thinking men challenged traditions and conventional models of reality and thought; subjecting them to the “sieve” of mental thought – a framework bounded by empirical reason and logic.

Such men are renowned giants today. They dazzled the world as they brought into the tangible consciousness of many, “higher realities and loftier frameworks of reference”. Higher ideals and conceptions. Such men trail-blazed uncharted seas of thought.

That epoch revolutionized the world.

I contend for a similar happening in the church world today. Many have been sedated into a stupor by the “opium” of “dead religion”. many today acknowledge a form of godliness but deny the executing power thereof.

The Spirit speaks.
This ought not be so.
This calls for a change.
There are vast seas of uncharted realities in the bosom of the Spirit.

The Helper calls for “bold” sons of…

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