1 Peter

always helped!

For the eyes of the Lord are over the righteous, and His ears are open unto their prayers: but the face of the Lord is against them that do evil. [1 Peter 3:12]

We are not without help! Child of God you are not without help! That is most surely the lot of the man outside Christ….but No! Not you Child of God! You have the Lord Most High on your side! His eyes are over you. His ears lean in closer to your lips when you lift up prayer. He is here with you…with us…in the midst of His church and mightily so!

Don’t ever give in to the delusion that you are alone….alone to fight the odds this fallen world throws at you…alone to search for peace in the chaos of this world…alone to face the daunting path darkness drags your feet into…His ears lean in to your lips when you speak in prayer! You are never alone O child of God!

Always remember this! And position yourself to draw out from this well of truth and drink deep and be satisfied in every situation!

“He watches over me!”
Let these words still every raging tempest and dry out every flood of deception seeking to drown you now. Let it cause you to be at peace in His rest…with joy as the garrison over your heart and the banner of His Love constantly over you impregnated with the writ: Faithful and True!

“His ears lean in to your lips when you speak in prayer!”
O Glory to God! I am sure of this! I know this! My soul knows this very well! Rest in this power of His Word! Let prayer be your certainty. Know that when you speak to Him, He hears….your burdens are taken care of by His divine arm of supply.

Learn to walk every day like this….go to bed knowing this embrace of Heaven has you snuggled in….See! I am talking to you Child of God….you can never be disadvantaged! You are helped! Mightily so by the power of Almighty God!

Let them that truly hear this Word awaken fully and return abounding with testimony of the sure and faithful Word of God!

In the name of Jesus, Amen!

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