there is a Cause worth living for…

Is there not a cause?

It has always been the device of the wisdom of God to call men into seemingly impossible ministries and then place the staff of God’s power into their hands…whispering into their hearts… “I am with you always. When you call I will answer. When you speak it shall be as my very words. When you lift you finger at a thing…it shall be as the finger of God lifted!”

Inspired Writ is filled with pages of such men who defied the conventional wisdom of their times and trusted against all odds in the “faithful and true” word of God. Such men trail-blazed the path that weaved its way through the fires of this world’s chaos into the fulfillment of the plans and purposes of God for their generation.

Such men amply demonstrated that God is good. His purposes are truly sublime. His Word is faithful and true. Such men unveiled the light that spells out the inscription: there is no other purpose for which a man ought to live but the purposes of God!

I have taken time to wonder extensively about it all. I have spent pensive moods meditating on what it truly means to live in this plane of existence. I have found the answer. I am convinced there is no other cause worth our time…worth the devotion of our zeal, hearts and minds…no other cause but that for cause of the Kingdom and Lordship of Jesus!

Beyond a mental assenting to this truth….beyond paying it the kiss of lip service…let us rise up and shake off the dust of apathy from our clothes. Let us ask the same question: Is there not a cause? Must this life not mean something? Must it not have value….even eternal value? Can it not? Can we not?!

There are many who desire to live fully for the cause and name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
I reckon you number among this exalted throng. But is there not a cause?
Is there not an objective that demands our utmost devotion and our singular pursuit?
Is there no reason for us to step out from the boat of desire and walk the waters of His fulfilled purposes for our generation?
Where are the dreamers that seek to change the world and light it up for the kingdom and Lordship of Jesus?
Where are the doers of the word who are propelled by desire to execute all the mandate of the King?

I invite you to come be numbered among the doers of light.
There is a cause.
There is the cause worth living for…

His name is Jesus Christ!

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