Ours is the mantra “more than conquerors”!

The kingdom of God has come in power!
To us who belong to this land of light, it is truly the power of God we have come to. He lives in us; the full load of Deity in the glorious person of the Holy Spirit! Selah

Now in us lies the ability to subdue and dominate all things; bringing them to subjection to the Kings counsel. It is power over fear. Power over uncertainty. Power over all the hordes of darkness and its fallen prince. It is power over disease and poverty and the wickedness that seeks to consume every human heart in ungodliness. Selah

Thus has Christ made us free…in the power of the Holy Spirit!
In this demonstration of reality we must live. For the words of prophecy have declared of us that we are for signs and wonders…we are for the manifestation of the glory of the purposes of God in such a time as this.

As we come to function in the light of this truth, we must stop seeing challenges as things that ought to be feared. Nay! We must remember the words of our creed: what is the essence of faith that subdues if it cowers in the face of adversity? What is the essence of a mandate to have dominion if there is naught to bring into subjection?

Far from it…we shall not cower at adversity. We shall not be moved to fear when we stare into the heart of the approaching darkness. We shall not faint when the day of adversity comes!

For we have cloaked ourselves with the armor of light even the sword of the spirit in our lips and we slay challenges from the depths of the valleys to the heights from which it seeks to rule. Ours is the mantra that echoes “more than conquerors!” Ours is the reality that has seated us together with the Firstborn! And Beloved, remember! The one who sits in the highest heaven shall not be moved to fear or uncertainty but shall laugh in the midst of his adversaries! Remember this, O child of God…you are seated with Him in Him!

Glory to God!

Let the standard bearers of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ stand fast in the midst of all adversity and subdue all by the power of His Name and in the radiance of His Power!

Beloved, let us remain seated in Him!


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