to the willing mind and desiring heart…

I will utter my sayings of light on a harp of faith
Melody it is; full of art and beauty
Words laced in mysteries; full of esoteric awe
Who wills to decipher

Writs impregnated with thoughts eternally young
Wisdom cloaked in the brightness of heavens light
To him who desires
It is willed to be unveiled

I have seen the flight of light
The fiery tail of gnosis fueling its trail
Seeking the willing mind and the desiring heart
Heavens Light – priceless Quintessence

Of all the fullness that make reality
Nothing stands more impressive and awe-evoking
As the rich edifices unveiled by the light
At the treasures of Truth yet unveiled

Who wills to stand immersed in its beams
Who wills to breathe in its sublime fragrances
See! All is woven into the tapestry of Christ
Lo, my sayings of light are made plain.


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