Be Lifted!

There is need that the child of God reckon truth for what it is and then by the intangible operation of faith, lay a hold on it and make it tangibly manifest. The Word of His Grace calls for us to keep our feet on this sublime path of faith. By faith that prevails stirred up on our inside and gushing out in torrents, we are to make manifest reality, even Christ!

To every situation that is contrary to His revelation of our person, we are to harness by force and subdue, to the praise of His Lordship! In the Name of Jesus!

I have found out that as ministers, the greatest challenge we seem to face is in our ability to communicate the fullness of the depths of truth to them that hear us – to usher them to respond to reality…to make them see. But God is our Helper! Our sufficiency is of Him!

The vineyard of souls we tend seem to be filled with ubiquitous infirmity…many walk with their spiritual eyes dimmed….and to such, it is a difficult task to appreciate and respond appropriately to all the beauty unveiled in Christ.

But the high call remains…our duty is bound to our oneness in Him: we are to see…and then, make others see as well! We are the lifters of many…we are the city set on a hill…we are His vessels of honor executing His mandate.

O child of God, see who you are in the light of Christ!

Be Lifted!


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