to know adversity and conquer it

To see adversity. Step up to it and face it. To conquer adversity in its every manifestation. To rule adversity…subdue it; is the birthright of every man. Every man in Christ. I believe so absolutely without question.

This world is like a cesspit teeming with adversity. We are born into adversity. We seem to live and move in adversity. However, the crux of the matter is to be properly oriented to get the right perspective in this quagmire we call our world. We must embrace the divine perspective. The annals of the Kingdom record it thus: …and He commanded them to rule and have dominion!! This is light.

To rule and have dominion speaks to the necessity of adversity. We shall always have adversity in this plane of existence. It is the reason we have mandate to rule and subdue. Therefore we must not cringe in fear and wallow in despair and give up…because of the adversity we face. No. Far from it!

Man was made for adversity. Man has been designed and bequeathed with mandate to take adversity at the horns and wrestle it to the ground and keep it in utter subjection under his foot. Man was made for adversity. Not to be a victim to it, but to tame and conquer it….to rule adversity and subdue it! I say man can only fulfill that mandate in Christ! Any other location will not serve as the proper enclave within which man can express his abilities and fulfill this divine mandate.

The sense realm has been corrupted. It cannot equip a man with what he needs to be God’s regent here on earth. Yes it can teach him a lot. Yes it holds promise and vast fields of potential. But no. No, it can’t teach a man absolute mastery over adversity. It can’t teach a man discernment by wisdom into divine seasons and times. It can’t teach a man to express the divine creative motif by the exercise of Words.

The sense realm, of which science is its bastion, cannot lift a man into the sublime divine light of moral virtues and divine expressions…Science does not have it within its finite enclaves to truly fully enlighten man. For enlightenment is very spiritual because the mind of a man resides in the realm of the spirit. Selah. The mind of man is to the spirit what the physical senses of touch and smell and sight and hearing are to the physical body.

We cannot search for the answer within an enclave of enquiry that does not have the framework to provide such an answer. Enlightenment. True and complete enlightenment comes via the agency of the Holy Spirit. For it is only Him who can shine out of the darkness that is found in the deep recesses of man’s heart.

It is such light that equips a man with endowments that makes him a champion over adversity. It is such light found only in Jesus Christ that makes a man function consistent with the heavenly fiat to “have dominion”…



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