but I see! I can tell!

But I see. I can tell. I have awakened to the reality of the supremacy of His purposes. I ask the question: what should a man devote his life to? And here I mean all-encompassing devotion…not just a philosophical leaning with a dichotomy that creates a stark variance with actual actions…nay! There must be a higher benchmark.

To what should I devote my life to? Money? Fame? Pleasure? Self-gratification?
How do I tell what ideal to be committed to? How do I make it count? Must I?
Is this even a relevant question?
Or is this our evanescent sojourn a true “obiter dictum”…not worthy of the relevance of debate?

I say no. It is not a passing craze. No, our lives must not be devoid of meaning and purpose.
Yes, there is a cause to which we must devote ourselves -in this sea of time- and we must be informed to choose wisely. Selah

This is the crux of my epiphany:

The cause must be for the kingdom and Lordship of Jesus Christ. He is King. FirstBorn from the Dead. Faithful and True. I reckon that His purposes are sovereign and any man who awakens to His person and kingdom will tell that He alone is worthy. I have come to find in Him alone the anchor that can hold a man’s life and keep him from drifting away into the unchartered waters of darkness. In Him alone! Selah

Let us now go beyond musings on what our sojourn in this plane of time ought be purposed with. Let our hearts draw truth from the light of His face.

Let us see now.

Let us awaken now.

You cannot have truly lived outside the Light of the King!



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