musings on Time

So I watched time turn on the face of the clock a couple of days ago. The “reckonings of our lives”…I like to think of it. It is an almost ineffable feeling to me…this fact that we are constantly being swept away into the “horizon” by the crests and ebbs of the tidal waves of time. We are constantly being hurried towards the end…a perspective diametrically different for each one of us because of where we stand…and in whom we stand. But we must all reckon, with unified conviction, that in this life…time seems to chip all away…time seems to hurry all in its streams into the “stint” in death. Selah

This posturing has the ubiquitous effect of making one increasingly pensive and philosophical with further musings on time. It would seem like making a sudden turn into uncharted perspectives…verdant fields of lush greenery that sways with the promise of finding eternal purpose and meaning. The “turn” will ask of you to adjust the focus of your lenses and indeed the very landscape that defines your reality. In turn you will become, as you dare explore your musings further, much more sharpened…constantly buzzing…honed to an edge…insanely obsessed with the purpose of it all.

I am a reasoning man. I believe that above all He has blessed us with an “inquiring mind”…that we may by this endowment of His, be able to enter all the fullness of His counsels. This is especially accurate in the new creation. For alas, not all men can truly see the grand scheme of play with respect to Heaven’s objectives here on earth. Not all men can truly see time as it is unveiled from the perspective of eternity. Selah

But I see. I can tell. I have a wakened to the reality of the supremacy of His purposes. I reckon reality-in time- in spheres. A finite sphere embraced by an infinite one. We call the finite dimension our physical world. Its veracity cannot be disputed. Its dimensions is that which our senses constantly map out to us. It is the realm most men are accustomed to.

Then there is the bigger sphere. Infinite in dimensions. Embracing and controlling the smaller sphere. It is the realm whose veracity can only be claimed by the new man. Steadily flowing out of its infinite enclave is the reality of the Kingdom.

Then, I stumbled on a mystery: Time is the vehicle sweeping all of the reality of the finite sphere into the infinite sphere… “soon, very soon”… is the mantra that makes the theme song of time today. Soon, very soon…and then the “End of Days” shall come and all shall see His Light and all shall be swept into His purposes with time.



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