1 Peter

have you tasted of the Lord’s grace?

If so be ye have tasted that the Lord is gracious. [I Peter 2:3]

Glory to God! I have tasted and I know! The Lord is full of Grace and Mercy. His Love knows no bounds. His Majesty is unparalleled. His Might exceeds all. He is the First of all Firsts…the beginning and the ending…King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Faithful and True!

He is my Salvation….my Song and Hightower…He is my Light and the Path my feet has chosen!
He is My Liege Lord and King!
I know for I have tasted of His goodness and salvation. And I desire Him more!

He is my meditations in the night times…His purposes is the reason I am. For I am His workmanship placed in a time and place as it is today….to execute His Mandate!
I have tasted and seen the Beauty of the Lord!
I say, He alone is worthy!
I say He has become my Desire!
I pursue all of Him…I yearn to apprehend all for which He apprehended me!

Dear reader, have you had opportunity to taste of the Lord’s Grace?
What is your testimony?


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