1 Peter

the call is to grow!

As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the Word that ye may grow thereby:
[I Peter 2: 2]

“…that you may grow thereby…”

Let us remember that for this cause we have been called into Him: to grow up to the fullness of the measure of the stature of Christ!

The call is to grow! The call is to come to maturity and perfection in Him. The new creation must know this and understand: the call is not to barely make it to heaven! There is a bigger picture here….a more spectacular horizon to see and get to. Selah

I believe that the emphasis ought to be placed on the call to walk in fellowship with the Father and the Son in the Holy Spirit. I believe that as we meditate on that truth, we will realize the desire of the Father is to have us come into His mind – to think like He does…to gain perspective as He does…to express power as He does! This stands as the crux in the call to fellowship. Selah

It is the earnest desire of the Holy Spirit to build each one of us up….that in all things we may express the rarified themes of the divine life most forcefully. It is His ministry to teach us the higher things of the Light of Christ…to transform us into heavenly lights…befitting for the companionship of the Greater Light Himself – the Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, we see the constant impressions He makes on us to feed on the Word…that we may grow thereby. Selah

Child of God, let us not forget the source from whom we have been birth. Let us not forget the Helper into whose hands we have been entrusted. Let us not forget the Lordship of the Word of His Grace into which we have been commanded to walk. Let us remain in this light and grow up in Grace and the knowledge of Jesus Christ unto the pleasure of our Heavenly Father.

In the Name of Jesus.



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