1 Peter

do you want to build yourself up to awesome heights?

As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the Word that ye may grow thereby:
[I Peter 2: 2]

Desire is key.

The new creation must come to know the riches of the calling. He must see it. It is the dawning of such light that breaks loose desire from its hidden depths. It is as we awaken to the full load of the High calling in Christ that desire comes gushing out of its deep wellsprings. And how true! What a force it is to reckon!

The Scriptures declare…“it is through desire that a man separates himself to commune intimately with Wisdom!” Selah!

I reckon this scarcity in many a believer today. Many born into the folds of Christ do not get to see the Glory and Majesty of the Call they have responded to. For many, this Heavenly Light is made dim by the “crude lenses of this worlds adversities” still attached to their eyes. The babe does not seem to know: Adversity will come. Adversity should not define you or your trajectory. Adversity is meant to be subdued. Selah.

The darkness of adversity must make us see even clearer the exceeding brightness of the glory we have embraced. Selah. But too many do not really know…too many have yet to fully apprehend! Therefore that which is set to make them “more than conquerors” seems to dim their eyes to the splendor of the Light of the King in whose service they are found. Selah.

So we see many not truly seeing as they ought to, and therefore not propelled by the desire for full apprehension into all the mystery of Christ. For how can the new creation truly desire if he has not seen the exceeding greatness of the path to which his feet belongs? Desire is born when one sees how glorious the opportunity is to carry God on our inside…to carry the full load of Deity in our Hearts. Glory!

Desire is born when one muses on the opportunity to have constant fellowship with the King of Kings…to know His mind….to conform to His will…to align oneself with His eternal purpose; to be transformed into His very likeness in thought and expressions! That is treasure greater than all the earthly riches of the ages! That is Light worth seeing and apprehending with zeal!

This is what, when seen by the new creation, will propel him to “eat the Word of His Grace which is able to build him up to awesome heights”!

O that all of us may see Christ and our calling in Him, as we ought to, and be vested with and propelled by desire to walk and fulfill all the purposes of the Word of God!



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