All hail the conquering King

There is a King
Who was the last Adam
Who is the second man
Firstborn from the dead
The effulgence of the Glory
Of the very God Most High

My Liege Lord and King
I know His Name
I have seen His face
Beautiful beyond expression
Glorious beyond wonder
To Him alone I bend my knee
My Liege Lord and king

There is a Throne
That governs all under One
Seated upon its Power
Is One-who alone is Worthy
He holds all by the Word of His Power
He is Faithful and True
Our very Life and Resurrection!

I have heard the sounding salvos
I have seen Heaven’s armies
I have seen the Diadems Upon His Brow
And the Vesture on His thigh writ with Light

The shifting sands of Kairos tell His advent soon
To rent the veil and intrude physical reality
God-King in all Glorious splendour;
You shall find us bowing in reverent allegiance
Our hearts pounding in unison:
All hail the conquering King
All hail the Christocracy!


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