1 Peter

lay off the expressions of the old man!

Wherefore laying aside all malice, and all guile, and hypocrisies, and envies, and all evil speakings [I Peter 2:1]

Praise God! This is instruction we must all pay attention to and lean in unto obedience.

As we see and awaken to the reality of our newness in Christ, we must intentionally give our mind to the transforming power of the Word. He says lay aside all the wrong thinking….and the deceitful expressions of the old you…kick them out! They will try to stay, But, I will say no! I am Born of God. His Word abides in me! I am partaker of His life and nature.

Therefore, I will not stoop low and court darkness; I will not disperse in my words or actions the stench of sin and darkness…..No! Not again! Once I walked as a slave to the darkness. Now, In Christ, I am no longer a slave. No longer a Victim. I have broken free from the realm of Victimhood. I have the power today to say No to Sin and Yes to Righteousness. I have the power today in Christ to lay aside from myself all that make the dunghill expressions of the old man. I have the power in Christ to obey the admonishing of this Scripture. Praise God!

Today, I stand in the sublime light of the liberty of God’s children! In this Light, I divorce myself from all the trinkets of my old self. I let loose the new man I am in Christ. I lay off the expressions of the old man wrapped around me.

God is my Helper!



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