the era of the awakening…

Hear the pulsating heartbeat, the vitalizing breaths; the quickening power spreading its reach into every sphere – all cells, every fiber, every system…drenched in the outpouring of the Awakening.

Truth shall reign in its right as it conquers and pushes back the frontiers of darkness; defying its power to exert influence. The battle field is scattered with debris of the contest… Aletheia is victorious…the barriers of delusions are pulled down. In visions of the spirit I see the banner of the kingdom and Lordship of Jesus lifted highest! I hear the victory chants of the army in white. For white is the colour of their apparel – it is the righteousness of the saints and faithful of the King of Kings!

We have heard the victorious proclamations ushering in the era of the awakening. We are bathed in the power of His Light…the Grace of God in Jesus Christ that brings salvation to all men has appeared…and mightily so! We are witnesses to the light of the awakened ones…them who function in the power of the Holy Spirit…consistent with the Word of His Grace!

There has never been a time characterized by much greater need…there has never been such insatiably longing for the refreshing of the Throne. Child of God, do you hear the Spirit call today? Can you hear Him? He says “walk with me…ride with me…fly with me…stay with me!”

Child of God, what do you say?!


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