stand together in love!

A little leaven “leaveneth the whole lump”; a little spark, properly attended to becomes a raging conflagration. This is a principle all of God’s Oracle gives credence to. It is the same principle by which we ought to combat and push back the darkness of doctrines not founded in Christ…not distilled from His comely essence.

A little truth, properly attended to by meditation and absolute reliance on the word of God and the tutelage of the Holy Spirit…becomes the crushing rock that subdues all perverseness and brings absolute purity to our fabric of doctrines, teachings, thoughts and practices.

Against this principle, the cause for division is halted. The church must be galvanized into monolithic oneness by the unquenchable force of agape. To make this end, we must deploy a means – that of which exalts the sovereign place of the Word of Truth. We must stand together by agape; enlightened by the light of the full truth – the torch of flames that drives away every darkness of deception in our midst. The schism in the body must end! The body must come to maturity in unity – each one of us must function in the fullness of Zoë!

O that the dazzling perfection of the light of truth may shine so strong and lift us into the heavenly fragrance of the reality of the Lordship and Kingdom of Jesus Christ. O that each one of us will walk in the manifest power of the risen Lord. He is Lord! He holds all things by the word of His power! And we are His Ecclesia! The ruling assembly of his glorious kingdom; joint heirs called into the sharing of His divine throne. Selah. O what glorious inheritance! How did we ever get here but by His Love and Grace!

We must come to discern His Body…we must come to understand the bonds of agape that forged us…we must have this truth entrenched irremovably in our spirits! Praise God!
Let us walk in its refreshing light and consciousness!



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