1 Peter · Exegesis of Light

Who by HIM do believe in God

Who by him do believe in God, that raised him up from the dead, and gave him glory; that your faith and hope might be in God. [1 Peter 1:21]

=> Who by Him do believe in God <=

I believe God is. I have connected to Him…I am His. He is mine! I reckon the force of this reality because of my position and calling in Jesus Christ. For He is the ONLY way to connect into and walk with the Father. Selah.

By Him I believe in God. It is in the face of Jesus Christ that I clearly see and recognize the divine attributes of God. It is by Him that I have awakened to the truth that God is Love! God loves me. God wishes me well. I have come to know that the Creator and Possessor of the Heavens and Earth thinks about me…His thoughts towards me are many…and O how beautiful they are! I have come to know this by Jesus Christ.

By Him I have awakened to the Fatherhood of God. I call God Father. I walk in the supply from His throne. I am connected to a constant supply of His Love and Grace and Power…by Jesus Christ! By Him I have believed into and am now immersed in the supply of Heaven!

By Jesus I have believed into and now walk in the reality of the Kingdom of Light. It was by believing and confessing His Lordship that I was born again…translated from the Kingdom of darkness into LIGHT…I am ignited with the sparks of Divinity on the inside. Today, I carry the glorious Holy Spirit in my heart….By Him! BY HIM…HIS NAME IS JESUS CHRIST!

By Him I have believed unto the resurrection from the dead.
By Him I have believed into eternal life…Zoë in me today…eternity with Him from the second advent. Selah
By Him I have believed unto walking in victory in every sphere of engagement in this life.
By Him I am more than a conqueror!
By Him I am awed by the Love of God and in turn propelled by Agape to live my utmost for His highest! 

Glory to God!
What volumes can we speak as we meditate on this truth! By Him! We are planted as the Beloved in the sight of the Father! Glorious thoughts and realities unending! Praise God!
Let us continue to bask in the light shining out from the face of Jesus Christ…let us continue in His Light….for By Him we see Light!



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