the higher objective

The higher objective is to bend our minds, abilities and will into productive kingdom ventures. To do so, our mind cannot be a war field. We must rise above all discord and touch the transcendent realm of His Peace where we are completely at liberty to be that vessel which receives inspiration and pours it out for others to drink and be filled.

We must be above “war” and at peace, in Christ, to churn out ideas that carry the insignia of the Lords office and His grace to become established by His Might. Nay, we cannot win as our heavenly Father would desire if we continue to wallow in the stupor of milked companionships above the holy fellowship with His Spirit.

For we have not been called to make a pyrrhic stalemate but to win with the force of Heaven on our lips…to make Christ known to our generation in every sphere of engagement; to win by upholding in principle every tenet of the divine life at all cost without sacrificing Truth on the altar of expediency.

To win! Let us take His Hand and be filled with the Holy Spirit always…let us be filled with His Power and Inspiration…Let us walk as the children of the Most High God today!

Oh! Let us declare His Word with the force of the anointing on our lips of faith.

God is our Helper!


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