1 Peter

what ought to be our greatest allegiance?

As obedient children, not fashioning yourselves according to the former lusts in your ignorance: [I Peter 1:14]

Here I see what ought to be our disposition towards the Word. I see voluntary submission. I see absolute trust rendered to the Father’s Word…unquestionably so, without an iota of doubt…an utter dependence on His Word – no more. no less. I see the child of God leaping out on the Word of God! Obedient!

I have come to be convinced that our greatest duty and allegiance ought to be to the Father’s Word……ought to be to the King’s fiat. Many times, in this life, we will have to decide to whom and what we will kneel in obedience. The storms will come and will roar the question that will test our obedience to the Word. We will have to decide then. What will we decide?

When uncertainty courts your very thoughts and plunges your hopes into the depths of despair…..what will you decide to do? From whom will you draw? From where will you draw the answer? The cesspit that makes the world’s systems? OR the Wells of Salvation? Will you be obedient to His Word?

For He has declared peace and joy to garrison our hearts always! How many times have we refused to submit to that Word? He has declared – “Do not fear! I have conquered the world!”; will we be found obedient to His fiat? When the tempests roar? Will we obey the still small Voice that will tell us “fear not! It is I; Step out of the boat and walk on the water” Selah

May we be found truly obedient to the master’s word! Selah

It is our revelation into and our obedience to His Word that drives out the darkness of ignorance and brings in His light. We cannot be obedient without the Light of His Word. Therefore we make it our duty and highest priority to know His Word. To be taught His Word by the Glorious Holy Spirit. And to awaken to His Word. That we may live today as obedient children…abiding in the Word…God is our Helper! Selah


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