The “lostness” of man in Adam

I liken today’s generation to a landscape; studded with verdant fields, valleys and hills – a panoramic view. Telescope in and you will chance on a queer being – Adam; seemingly lost in the wildness and “purposeless” of it all. He does not seem to know his place – why is he here?

He is stirred to fear when the wild creatures cry at night; he clutches for his life when the ground quakes. When he sees the clouds turn black and mass into a ball heralding the storm….he wonders at it all. This man is lost. There is a marked deficit in what his mind knows, acknowledges and responds to as reality and truth.

In his very society and expressions of thought, this same “lostness” is ubiquitous. From the onset he is thrust into realms of reference that expunge the higher realities he must acknowledge. His will, desires and ideals are stripped of eternal verities and posturing and heavily lacquered with the dust of vanity. He is enrolled by his forebears and tutors into the same school of folly that has made vanity the humdrum theme of his life. Adam is lost in his own world today.

To whom can he turn to find his way? Into what distant lands must he journey to find the right perspective? Who will answer? Who is man? What is the purpose of it all? What ideals should man pay allegiance to? What cause should he devote his entire existence to? This “lostness” of man in Adam cries out for the wisdom of God in Christ!

I believe that the highest definition of wisdom is found personified in the Lord Jesus Christ. Flowing from the reality of His person is truth, reality, and a myriad of principles that express wisdom; principles that all must endeavor to identify and embrace. Light that all must walk in! I believe the peculiar landscape of our times (spiritual, socio-cultural, economic) yearns for a vigorous procession of such a march of Wisdom. The wisdom of Christ must invade every sphere of our society to set things – rent asunder in ignorance – properly oriented. His wisdom is the principal thing indeed! Selah

I say, this wisdom of God in Christ is the answer to this “lostness” of man in Adam!



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