1 Peter

see the Glory not His sufferings

“….the sufferings of Christ and the glory that should follow” [I Peter 1:11]

Thank you dear Lord Jesus!

How many children of God reckon the one and merely dismiss the other! How many of us do know that Jesus suffered for us that the justice of God may be appeased…and then how many of us continue with the Savior to His triumph over darkness in Hell and then to His Glorious resurrection unto newness of life? How many of us?

How many of us then see His glorious Ascension from Olivet…into the Heavens; to seat on the throne of God till all His enemies be put under His feet? How many see? How many can see the end of this dispensation and the gathering of all things into one man, even Christ! Selah! How many see!

For the call is to see Christ! To see Him in all the fullness of His Being….in all the brightness of His Light. In as much as we see Him in the light of His vicarious suffering for us, we must endeavor to see Him also in the light of the second man seated on the throne of God. He is the effulgence of the Father’s Glory….holding all things by the Word of His Power!

Have you seen Jesus…in the light of the Glory that followed His sufferings? Have you awakened to Him as He is today on the throne of God? It is in the light of the “glory that should follow” that we come to understand now what it means that utterance of the mystery…”In Christ”! Selah..

Thank you Holy Spirit for eyes anointed to see!

Glory to God!


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