1 Peter

seek as the faithful prophets of old did!

Of which salvation the prophets have enquired and searched diligently, who prophesied of the grace that should come unto you: [I Peter 1:10]

Let us posture ourselves in this manner…let us be of the stock that diligently enquire and search into the bowels of salvation. Let us be that generation that seeks to fully enter into all of the Grace prophesied unto us.

Like the prophets of old who set themselves apart to walk the higher ways of Heaven’s purposes. Let us be so like-minded. Too many of the Church today have unconsciously pledged allegiance to things apart from the Kingdom and Lordship of Jesus. Too many have their hearts reined by desires completely of a worldly stock. Too many neglect to look into the volumes ushered into reality by the steady tides of Grace…

I reckon one banner of singular importance and import…it is the banner of the Kingdom and Lordship of Jesus Christ. I reckon one Truth…it shines out unceasingly in the face of Jesus Christ. I reckon one Throne…it is that of the Creator and Possessor of heaven and earth….it is that upon which Jesus Christ seats. I reckon one future…it is the end prophesied by the Holy Spirit…it is that which we must seek to hasten. I reckon this Truth…that above all pursuits…a man must place the pursuit of Grace and the Knowledge of Jesus Christ above all else…This stands as the quintessence of life. This is true!

Who will walk in this mind frame? Let us seek as the faithful prophets of old did…let us search diligently into this Grace wherein we stand…illumined by the torch of the Holy Spirit…let us voyage still the uncharted seas of Heavens truths…let us also become the generation that “enquired and searched diligently” into the lights of Truth bestowed on them by the workings of Grace.



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